G7 Youth Summit



    Paris, 9 - 13 June 2019

    Under the Honorable Patronage of

    Mr. Emmanuel Macron

    President of the French Republic



    Our call to action

    for a fair future



    Handover to Ms. Brune Poirson

    Secretary of State for the Environment

    on 13 June 2019



    Our call to action

    for a fair future



    Handover to Mr. Bruno Le Maire

    Minister of the Economy and Finance

    on 12 June 2019



    Our call to action

    for a fair future



    Handover to Mr. Gabriel Attal

    Secretary of State for Education and Youth

    on 10 June 2019

    « Let's hope the G7 is as ambitious as its younger generation »

    Op-ed by the Y7 Co-chairs in Le Journal du Dimanche

    « These inequalities the G7 cannot let grow »

    Op-ed by the Y7 Co-chairs in Le Monde

  • The G7 Youth Summit

    From June 9th to 14th, delegates from the G7 countries, the European Union, and the African Union will gather in Paris for a week of negotiations. Their goal is to prepare a call to action with recommendations to the G7 Heads of State and Government.
    The 2019 Y7 will focus on inequalities. Our goal is to make concrete propositions to tackle inequalities of all kinds: new form of inequalities stemming from climate change consequences or mitigation/adaptation policies or from technological disruptions as well as long-lasting gender imbalances or wealth and income discrepancies.

  • The 2019 Y7 in a nutshell

    An open, transparent and inclusive process


    Spring: reach out

    We will conduct an online consultation in France to let emerge actionable ideas to fight inequalities emerge, and better prepare the Y7 negotiations.


    June: negotiate

    From June 9th to 13th, we will welcome all 32 delegates from the G7 countries and the European Union in Paris as well as 8 African Union delegates.


    Autumn: account for

    We will organize conferences across the country to reflect on the whole process and explain the main takeaways from the Y7 and G7 summits.

  • The Y7 Co-chairs

    Thomas FRIANG


    Inequalities & Climate Change

    Thomas is the Founder and President of the Open Diplomacy Institute. He has an extensive knowledge of the G20 and G7 processes since he crafted and chaired the first Y20/Y8 summits in Paris 2011, represented France to the Y20 in Sydney 2014, recruited and trained all French Delegates to Y20 and Y7 summits since their creation.

    Anne-Laure JUIF


    Inequalities & Tech Disruptions

    Anne-Laure cover the last NATO Summit of Barack Obama as a Reporter of the Open Diplomacy Institute in 2016. Since then, she is the Deputy Director of the Reporter Program of the Institute and joined the Y7 as a Co-chair.

    Meriyem KOKAINA


    Inequalities & Gender

    Meriyem was the Deputy Director of the Africa Program of the Open Diplomacy Institute prior to joining the Y7 team as a Co-chair. She currently is a Research Fellow for the Institute focused on African development.

    Hamza MAATA


    Inequalities & Growth

    Hamza was the Economic Program Director of the Open Diplomacy Institute prior to becoming its CEO. Therefore, he managed the recruitment and training of Y20 and Y7 delegates prior to joining the Y7 team as a Co-chair. He is a Research Fellow on fiscal and tax policies at the Institute.

  • The Y7 Secretariat-General

    Pierre-Jean CUSSET

    Y7 Secretary-general

    Clément DUGRAVOT

    Y7 Deputy Secretary-general

    Charleyne TERRY

    Head of Y7 Operations

    Théo MARET

    Head of Y7 Communications

    Samuel TAMBA

    Head of Y7 Fundraising

    Charlotte PASINA

    Head of Y7 Finance

    Camille GRENIER

    Head of Y7 Outreach

    Gloria FATAKI

    Deputy Head of Y7 Outreach

    Lisy PITER

    Head of Y7 Delegation Success

  • The 2019 Y7 Host

    Institut Open Diplomacy

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  • The Y7 International Network

    The Y7 is based on a network of NGOs grounded in all G7 Nations to root it into domestic political processes.


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