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    Nikita SHUKLA is US' Head Delegate to the 2019 Y7 Health care, clean water, and sanitation – what do these things have in common? They are all widely accepted and discussed as basic human rights for people across the globe. However, frequently left out of discussion is the basic right to...
    Y7 delegates are young leaders representing the G7 nations and the African Union As delegates of the 2019 G7 Youth Summit we call on G7 Leaders to take bold and swift actions on inequalities. When it comes to technological disruptions, we have seen how the lack of internet access has been used...
    Eloïse RYON, European Union Delegate to the Y7 Representing the European Union as a French national to the Y72019 in France: taking a stand for the European identity. I was born and raised in Le Mans (France), I studied high school in Malmö (Sweden) and undertook my first two years of higher...
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