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G7/G20 Youth Japan's take on the 2019 Y7

G7/G20 Youth Japan


G7/G20 Youth Japan is eagerly looking forward to finding solutions to global challenges at the Y7 France summit.

The delegation that we have selected for Y7 France pulls together passionate youth with diverse expertise, with delegates who have lived in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. From working in the microfinance industry in Ghana to representing Japan on the stage of the Miss World pageant, the delegates bring a vast array of skills and experiences. Together with young delegates from across the Y7 nations, we are confident that they will immerse themselves in addressing the world’s issues.

We welcome the strong emphasis that the Y7 France agenda places on tackling inequality.

Compassion is a key attribute to strive for in an increasingly divided world, and we are committed to promoting a more fair and inclusive future. Japan maintains low levels of income inequality, but issues such as gender equality continues to be a challenge. Further, it is important for the young generation to put our heads together to consider the most vulnerable groups and to mitigate the disproportional consequences that climate change and technological advances may pose in the years to come.

This year marks an exciting year for our organization, as we are hosting the 2019 Y20 youth summit in Tokyo, just one month before Y7 France. This is already giving us the unique opportunity to engage with high school students and youth to discuss key global issues and challenges. We hope that this will aid our delegation in representing the views of young people across Japan.

Additionally, the partnerships we are developing with the Japanese government, educational organizations and the G(irls)20 cohort through our preparation for the summit in Tokyo is building an effective groundwork for advocacy to be brought back to our country following Y7. We welcome the opportunity to amplify the ambitions of youth in Japan through the Y7 and Y20 summits.

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