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Welcome to the 2019 Y7!

Pierre-Jean CUSSET, Secretary general, Y7 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Y7!

The Open Diplomacy Institute is delighted and honored to host this year’s Y7 Summit in Paris, the city where G20 and G8 engagement group were crafted back in 2011. As the Secretary-General of the organization, I have the great pleasure to address to welcome you in the best conditions for your negotiations. After the success of the previous editions, the Y7 is indeed taking up another major challenge : shifting the lines on the way to tackle inequalities in G7 countries, with the aim to promote a balanced and durable model of society!

The Summit will take place in June in Paris, at ESCP Europe’s campus. With the Y7 team of volunteers, we are committed to design a rewarding experience for all the Delegates. In this regard, we are particularly enthusiast to welcome our guests in the French capital, a globally connected city hosting a widediversity of initiatives and actors who are committed to better lives thanks to better policies. During the Summit, we will propose to the Delegates inspiring meetings with French decision-makers both of the Administration or the Private sector.

To the upcoming June Summit, we are committed to do our best to honor the fame of the French know-how in hosting international conferences. With the support of our partners, we are dedicated to welcome the talented young leaders devoted to address such a challenging mission. They need indeed to achieve in a collaborative and highly innovative way the drafting of a call to actions that would be able to refocus the work of G7 Participants on collective priorities.

To this end, we are crafting a comprehensive set of events and time of discussions during the five days of the Summit. The Y7 Delegates will participate to 25+ hours of negotiations, enjoy4 ministerial sessions face-to-face with a member of the French Government, and a series of inspiring sessions with the partners of the 2019 Y7, and finally a special session for the closing of the Summit… and we are also preparing some good surprises for all our participants from G7 Nations, the European Union and the African Union!

The Y7 Secretariat is ready to ensure a very enjoyable Summit to all participants. As hosts, we are determined to do everything possible to make things easy for the Y7 Delegates and make sure they can have the political impact they deserve. Today we are launching the Y7 2019 website: you can find here all the relevant material on the 2019 Y7. Feel free to reach out to the team for further inquiries!

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