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Y7 delegates call on the international community to end Human Rights violations in Sudan

Y7 delegates are young leaders representing the G7 nations and the African Union

As delegates of the 2019 G7 Youth Summit we call on G7 Leaders to take bold and swift actions on inequalities. When it comes to technological disruptions, we have seen how the lack of internet access has been used to weaken people’s ability to exercise their Human Rights. In Sudan, what is happening now is exactly what we fear: as reported by Al-Jazeera and BBC, the shutdown of access to the Internet is attempting to silence the Sudanese people.

Due to the Internet blackout in Sudan, the number of violations committed is being underrepresented, although it can be said with certainty that the death toll has now reached over 100 and that more than 700 people have been injured.

We call on the Transitional Military Council to cease the violence against protestors and civilians and urge them to protect the people of Sudan. We aim at amplifying the voices of the Sudanese people. Their call for a civilian government, an end to the brutal militias and the empowerment of women’s rights are the foundations of a functioning democracy.

As youth representatives of G7 Nations and of the African Union at the Y7 Summit, we urge the international community to:

1. Act to end violence and Human Rights violations in Sudan;
2. Reinstate Internet access;
3. Ensure the voices of the Sudanese people are being heard in the process of a peaceful transition; in particular, the voices of the youth and women.

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