• 40 Delegates

    Representing the G7 Nations, the European Union and the African Union.

  • France to the Y7

    Iris de VILLARS

    Head of delegation

    Charlotte BOUR

    Georges DIB

    Fidélis ONOMO MBASSI

  • Italy to the Y7

    Giulia SCALZO

    Head of delegation

    Margherita BIANCHI

    Jacopo PASQUERO

    Luca BELLOMO

  • The United States to the Y7

    Nikita SHUKLA

    Head of delegation

    Amber HERRLE

    Donya NASSER

    Thomas SCHUEMAN

  • The United Kingdom to the Y7

    James DA COSTA

    Head of delegation

    Anna HARRIS

    Jennifer OKOLO

    Abdulkadir ELMI

  • Japan to the Y7

    Nanami ITO

    Head of delegation

    Haruka YAMASHITA

    Koki HORI

    Atoka JO

  • Germany to the Y7

    Carla Marie REEMTSMA

    Head of delegation

    Jennifer PFISTER

    Daniel NGUYEN


  • Canada to the Y7

    Melanie Rodriguez

    Head of delegation

    Marissa FORTUNE


    Anjum SULTANA

  • The European Union to the Y7

    Andras VOLOM

    Head of delegation

    Edwin O'CONNELL

    Diana LUNCA

    Eloïse RYON

  • The African Union to the Y7

    Serigne NDIAYE

    Head of delegation

    Naïr ABAKAR

    Feven Gebremeskel

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